Fools & Prophets

Who We Are

Beginning with a of love playing music and evolving through several generation of musicians, Fools & Prophets is an eclectic gathering of friends who have a wide range of musical tastes and backgrounds. We play folk music as well as old blues tunes, Celtic fiddle tunes, and more. Everyone brings songs they love to the group, leading to a wonderful diversity of sounds. Each member plays an instrument or two, sings lead or background harmonies, and finds a way to enhance the music and bring joy to each song. Our goal is to have fun and use music to decrease the stress of modern life.

History & Instruments

Fools & Prophets is a group that started under the name Faith & Practice which had been going since 1998. They had lost members and gained new ones until they no longer had any of the founding members. As the members changed so did the sound and collection of music that they played until it was suggested that the name might change to reflect the change of the group. So, they kept the F&P and changed everything around it.

The group now consists of 5 vocalist/musicians with a repertoire
as eclectic as ever. Gene Taylor has been with the group the longest playing fiddle, harmonica, and the occasional tambourine. Dave Crosman plays guitar and sometimes tenor banjo. Erica Larsen plays mandolin and bass. Anthony Perrotti playing 6 string, 12 string and bass guitars, and their newest member, Lynne Nugent playing guitar. Their eclectic mix of songs spans both decades and genres.

A Sampler