Fools & Prophets

Band Member Biographies


As a child, Gene sang a lot: with his sisters and brothers while doing chores and in the church and school choirs. But he began studying music when he started learning how to play the French horn. He played French horn through college and also picked up the harmonica. While he kept the harmonica, Gene gave up playing French horn for something easier, a violin he found at a flea market. But playing classical band and orchestra music was not Gene’s style; he just wanted to have fun playing. His ability to play blues harp got him into his first band, Faith & Practice. He also plays with the Rock and Roll band, Stone Age. He’s spent the last 20 years improving his fiddle and harp playing, and is still learning new techniques and styles. But he’s already reached his goal of having fun, especially when singing and playing with Fools & Prophets.


Dave Crosman’s earliest memories of music are of singing in the car with his family on trips. After spending several years playing trumpet in the school band and singing in the school choir, he taught himself the guitar so he could play at get togethers with friends (and hopefully impress the girls).  Dave spent several years teaching songs to kids and leading sing-alongs for church groups and other gatherings before joining F&P.  Dave’s self-taught guitar style brings both rhythm and a sense of fullness to the group’s sound.  He has recently started playing the tenor banjo with the group for an added bonus.


Erica started playing the violin at six and started singing in choirs at seven. Prior to joining F&P four years ago, Erica performed with a number of orchestras and choirs in her schools, church, and community. With F&P, Erica sings and plays mandolin and bass. She gets particularly excited when the band learns a new blues or acapella song!

Erica credits her love of music to three people. Her mother (who sang to her every night before bed), her elementary school music teacher (who taught her to make mistakes with authority), and her middle school choir director (who taught her that making music is a team sport).

When she is not playing with F&P Erica enjoys crocheting, painting, and playing board games with her family. 

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Lynne has been a member of F&P for one year. She is extremely grateful that she was invited to join! Lynne has been involved in vocal music for over forty years. Starting out with elementary school choir in second grade, she sang with school choral groups through college and medical school. She has also performed with several community choral groups. In the past several years, she has begun to study acoustic guitar which has led to a resurgence of musical performance. 

Her musical inspiration comes mainly from singer/songwriters such as Harry Chapin, James Taylor, Carole King and others.  Folk music is a new genre for Lynne but she is enjoying it tremendously! In her free time, Lynne enjoys yoga, gardening and hiking with her golden doodle, Carly. 


Anthony is one of eight children and all of them learned to play two instruments: the piano and one other. Anthony chose the guitar. The nuns in grade school taught him how to play guitar; “Down in the Valley” was the very first song he learned.

Anthony played in church and with friends throughout high school and adulthood. He plays in the community most nights during the week with F&P and other bands, as well as performing solo.

Anthony loves the music of the 60’s and 70’s, particularly the sing/song-writers. He enjoys playing with the talented members of F&P. The band is always delighted to rehearse at Anthony’s house, where he feeds them delicious home-made treats!